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Friday, October 19, 2012

Social Trends' Journey

From Cultural to Social and from Social to Global:
                               The Lingua Franca as a Technology Driver.

There are two main categories of Social Communities and several genres of each. The two main categories are Cyber (virtual) Communities and our Traditional (physical) geo-centric local communities.  In the cyber orbit, we can essentially differentiate between a) corporate, b) social, c) socio-professional, and d) market/product driven. Both categories begin with the Nuclear Family, Trade, and Technology with Disposable income as a driving vector.

Each platform genre requires its own set of technical skill sets and social soft skills and expertise from the Content Manager and/or Community Manager.  Product Managers and Marketers require a much more advanced set of sophisticated skills when targeting its consumers.  Traditional methodologies are no longer viable when attempting to seduce the psychic of the neo-consumer.

Illustration created using Microsoft Office Visio 2010

How the two categories influence each other is tied into the technology trends set by influential early adaptors

Genres of Social Platforms

Corporate Social platforms: YAMMER
Professional Social Platforms: Researching for user friendly viable Platforms.  I you know of any please let me know.


Androgenous Social platforms: Facebook
Mix Media Social Platforms: G+


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