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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Community Manager: Cyber vs. Live

Skill Sets of a Highly Successful Community Manager

The following are what I consider the most important core skill sets of a successful Community Manager
        Ø  Diplomacy Skill Sets
o   Strong negotiation skill sets
o    Conflict Resolution skill sets
Ø  Relationship Management Skill Sets
o   Intuitive
o   Receptive
o   Perceptive
o   Compassionate
o   Neutral

Ø  Content Management Skills
o   Content curating
o   A Deep understanding of the meaning of Social Media and Delivery of Social Content

Ø  Multiple language fluency skills with English as the Lingua Franca
o   In today’s global arena English is the common language of choice
Ø  Outstanding communication skills with the ability to speak to the ideology of the target social consumer
o   Social and cultural ideologies play a critical role in the market place
o   Writing/reading skills
o   An  eighth sense and heightened people intuition
o   Objective disposition
o   Contact Management Skill sets

Ø  Deep knowledge of the target market, its related niches, and target audience
o   Disposable Income
o   Disposition
o   Education
o   Social and Cultural Ideologies
Ø  Deep knowledge of the commercial products within the target markets
o   their competitors
o   consumers
o   Understanding trends
o   Creating trends
§  Social
§  Cultural
§  Economic
§  Regional
§  Global
o   Highly influential
Ø  A dynamically adaptive disposition
o   Community Management
o   Content Management
o   People Management
Ø  Technology Savvy
o   Database Management
o   Social platforms adept
o   Ability to learn a technology on the fly
o   Ability to adapt and dynamically learn on the fly

Thank you and Happy Social Media Cyber Trails…

Professional Social Media Community Management (since 1992)
Market Engineering Strategist
Systems & Network Security/Computer Forensics
Technologies Analyst (since 1989)

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P.S., This document is a work-in-progress.  Please feel free to message me with your feedback and suggestions, additions or comments.  If your feedback is added to the document you shall be given credit.

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