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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Too Big to Succeed?

In Stream of Thought™...

Too Big to Succeed? 

~ Virginia Benedict
   Market Engineering Strategist

We have witness through time, that when companies get too big they become decentralized by default.  Decentralization in oversized companies gives way to disorganized and unproductive practices. That is simply because as the enterprise becomes decentralize, it begins to lose control of its mission, its visibility across business units becomes blurred, and its human assets lose focus and their interests shift to personal goals instead of the goals of the Enterprise.  
  • HR Assets become unmanageable
  • Security takes a toll
  • The enterprise becomes disenfranchised from its business model and goals
  • Quality Control of both products and services becomes a serious liability
Moving into 2014 companies will need proactively to assess their goals and objectives.  If as a business leader you think that the markets have changed and you are adopting, think again… change has not begun to scratch the surface.

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