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Sunday, December 23, 2012

...And The WINNER IS!

 Author: Virginia Benedict, Techanalyst
               Content Management/Editor/Creative Director

For the past 20 some odd years I have been evaluating what we refer to in contemporary lingo as Social Media Platforms.  I have been evaluating eMail providers, hardware, software, and security tools, as well. 

 The new kid on the block leaves all other social platforms far, far, waayy far in the dust.  Just like its parent,  is the state-of-the-Art Social Technology.

v Security

 Ø  Security on is not a "whenever possible" predicament.  Google takes its patrons' personal and public security seriously without paying lip service.

§  Personal privacy
§  Granular security settings
§  Ability to block anyone you fairly deem anti-social
§  Ability to seamlessly report privacy issues.  Which, by-the-way, I  rarely have found the need to exercise
§  Intuitively seamless to configure
§  Password secure Account configuration section

v Ease of Use

Ø  With very low learning curve and outstanding technical support both self-        served or hand holding.

v Navigation

Ø  Elegant and seamlessly lending itself to the way you think.

v Help Center

Ø  Absolutely outstanding guide with well produced video streams and unlike other platforms Google offers clear concise explanations/descriptions while in addition maintaining Help Forums and Support Communities.  Every page/profile offers feedback features providing seamless elegant tools for the user to report troubles or share back thank you Kudos and encouragement.

v Profile Features
Ø  Whether you are an Enterprise Professional, a Marketer/PR, an Artist, a Scientist, or retired…  It makes no difference;   has the tools for you to shine.  You can present yourself to your community in any light you wish and as elegant or creative as you wish without being stuffy.
Ø  Speaking of Communities, as always   listened.  Now, Technical Community leaders such as myself can shine even brighter than ever.  However, Communities are not strictly for professionals.  There are communities for every social venture/undertaking you can dream of organizing.
Ø Virtual round tables and online webinars.  With , you can seamlessly organize virtual meetings, virtual round tables, and online webinars, and there is nothing to download.                                    
         As a  Account Owner you simply join the you have been invited to attend or even better you can organize one yourself and invite your community of Circles.
Ø AahhH! Circles! Let us not forget the healthiest way to meet new people, build your professional network, gather your family and friends and granularly share or not share whatever information you like by assigning it public, private, friends, and/or Friends-of-Friends setting on the fly.
 Ø  On  you can configure your profile any way you like within the format

§  Elegant and seamless to set up
§  Outstanding tools all around
§  Ability to individualize your profile
Ø  Ability to make it Enterprise Professional, extreme support of the Arts & Science, Familial, or non-descript
     Ø Integrated Blogging!      is an extension of your profile. With this tool you  can self-publish your work and potentially Monetize your blog using one or both of

the free advertising programs: AdSense and/or Google Affiliate Ads                 
I can go on and on…  and the bottom line is that you just have to try it and speak for yourself…  These are just some of the features and opportunities thatcontributes to the betterment of humans unpretentiously, unencumbered, and unfettered from anti-social practices.
They get it! By George, they Got It. Google Developers These children are doing it. They are forging the path for Peace and Solidarity amongst humans by bringing us together.  By nurturing us through their social tools.

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